Mom's here.

My mom arrived yesterday. I brought her to a 'date'. At dinner, she enjoyed her first bowl of kyushu ramen, especially that big round piece of char siew (except a lil too salty for her). Then I showed her to Singapore river, we sat by the river, eating ocha+lychee ice-cream while our hair were dancing wild the in wind. We chatted a lot. Mum has been working her whole life away for the family, rarely she has chance to chill like this with me. Since my teen age, we have been apart most of the time. I think the beauty about relationship with family is, the longer/further we are away from our family, the closer we become. I'm so glad she is here with me now. Even though... at least... ('u')

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Sling said...

help me to thank your mum for her ang bao! will call before 12th. speak soon.