I love sky

I love taking photos of things against sky. Sky simplifies messiness, it makes me wanna take a deep breath, reach out for it, and feel free.

a timid approach

peace please...

taken in Hiroshima Heiwa Kinen Kouen (^_^)v


the dark reality

...that looks surreal to me. it's choking.

while there's nobody here...

...it was once in a while a relieve day and...
mrs. palm's perming her hair ('u')

doggy 's showering with sunlight
*taken in Hakata Uminonakamichi funpark.






Heard about this anime before but I didn't know that its art is so amazing! I found out about it from Audrey Kawasaki's journal (thanks to her sharing, and I like her work, too)! I must buy both the book and dvd! Not sure what media they used but after seeing this, I feel like picking up colour pencil again!