i have forgotten [3]

i used to like big watch, especially those squarish ones. since i stop working fulltime, i don't wear watch anymore.


i have forgotten [2]

oh i recall another one. converse shoes. i had many pairs and used to wear them a lot.



i have forgotten [1]

i am very forgetful. i even forgot to post something on my birthday. from now on, i shall post whatever i have forgotten yet i recall suddenly.

first start with donut.

2 weekends ago, jeremy offered me some donuts made by his maid. it looked exactly like the pink one in simpson's movie poster. delicious!! which reminds me... i LOVED donut!! (should i use past tense?) when i was a small kid, especially the one bought by my grandfather, it was simple donut but the skin is crispily baked with fine icing sugar on top. i still LOVE donut now, just that it's hard to find delicious one (no crispy skin...).

these lovely donuts below were bought from sapporo train station during my trip there last spring. super yummy!

i miss you, donatsu! (sob sob...)

mode: slack

been very slack recently. starting to feel useless. time to work hard again. ohohoho... but let me take a nap first...