11 more days.

after 11 more days, it will mark a new chapter in my life.
my life project will begin.
i got to keep this vision.
i got to keep my passion.
i got to be patient.
i got to be brave.

i thought i am hopelessly stuck but last night was definitely a special night.
i am glad to have this unusual conversation with them.
they are going to do that and they inspired me an unusual alternative.
what they mentioned has matched my dream.
a simple life.
yes, a simple life out of this superficial world.
yet i will still keep what i am gifted with.
i am kind of excited and scared at the same time now.
of course it will be perfect if i have a partner with the same vision.
anyway, i don't care.
anyway, i don't belong to anywhere.
anyway, wherever i go, i am alone.
anyway, what can be worse?

this vision must be realised. ('u')