30% of detachment.

the only thing i remember what my primary school principal taught.

one morning, we were making noises at our desks before the bell rings.
out of nowhere, he came to us, this bunch of 10-year-old kids,
he sighed (in my memory) and said,
"as an individual, we should always keep at least 30% distance from anybody, 
even the one you love most or the one whom you are closest with."
and then he left.
and then we continued making noises as if nothing has happened.

few years ago, i recalled this.
and i think it's so true.

that 30% of detachment is what makes any relationship better.
for yourself and for the other individual.

the big bang and clash.

nothing lasts.
tat's why you have to be positive.
i know. it sounds contradictory.
but this life, this universe is the product of one.
or 'balance' wouldn't have existed.