possess less part I :: shoes

to implement my "i-want-to-possess-less" principle, i have started from cleaning up my store room today. it's kind of a re-discovery of what i've been keeping, here's the shoes section:

i bought these many many years ago. looking at them now, i find them horribly sharp! but they did look the best during their era.

the grey "ballerina" was a wrong purchase, i hadn't even worn them once.
i was overwhelmed when i saw the one with embroidery. i had never seen one with such fine and soft materials back in those days. i seriously thought they were "art". haha... now time has passed and they just look normal.

i like flats with very shallow cutting.

black colour is basic. i wear this colour most of the time. yes, my feet are boring.

there was a period of time when i was super mesmerized with light gold shoes.

it's hard to find the right red colour tone on the right shoes but every girl should at least own a pair.

well, i do explore other colours. the lightly shinny blue flats are my fav for the moment. purple flats made with felt cloths, super comfy yet not easy to match. i realised mustard yellow flats are too tight for me when i got back to sg. i guess my feet shrank while i was in london. tsumori chisato's (the one with strings) are to experimental to wear. the green sandals somehow gives me a nostalgic feel. the greyish blue oxford shoes are present from my sis which i still donno how to macth.

i love casual so much that i wear flip flop most of the time. not all of the above but mostly the white ones with tatami base. yes my favourite. this is the Nth pair i bought from Accessorize!

i used to be a super Converse fan during teenage. i was very particular about the colour combination and even a different colour tag at the back of the shoes would make me buy them. but since years ago i started to switch to more feminine style, so these are the only few pairs i still keep. they are my best travel companion. they are classic.

comfy and warm leather boots/sneaker for travel during winter.

i have given away some and left with 32 pairs now. and i should stop buying shoes for now.


ashley c said...

wow!! sooo many shoes! I like turquoise colour on shoes. it feels vintage to wear on :O Does your feet hurt from walking too much on flats?

sokkuan tye said...

Hmmm... Nope. My feet are so used to wearing flats unless the front parts of my flats are too sharp and pointy it will hurt after a looooong walk.

Yes. You have a pair of turquoise converse if i'm not wrong.

(' u ')

ah.kuen said...

U reminded me to finish my shoe post!!!! Nice shoes, especially the MJ one!!!!!!!!

sokkuan tye said...

yes the MJ shoes is the best!
looking forward to yours.

sputnikm said...

i like flats. 有种脚踏实地的真实感。

kuanth said...

sk, oh my god!

i was quite shocked to see you having the top 3 pair of heels, and white somemore! it's really like oh~my~god!!!!!and the one with the beads also.... i must say ... very auntie!!!

I still prefer you in flat!
more you!

sokkuan tye said...


sokkuan tye said...

Kuan, 你的反應誇張o左。i was just a young kampong girl when I saw that pair of shoes with beads in Tokyo. Back in those days, no auntie wore such shoes. I was truly truly mesmerized by the beads and embroidery work. And when i tried them at the shop, i almost saw a kampong girl walking on the cloud. Well, we all evolve... Haha...

Ah viv said...

wow, u sure have alot of shoes.
Really love ur red shoes on top right and the tsumori chisato one :)

u have to 割愛 slowly.... :p

Priscilla Wong said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh my dear, you got a lot of shoes wo! reminded me of my 40 pairs of shoes i had 8 years ago, then i decided (like you) one day to own less and gave away many to friends. now i only have 10 pairs. and if i need to buy 1 pair, i have to eliminate 1 from my 10 pairs. so on and off still keep that 10 pairs. :D

i love your red shoes collection :D

sokkuan tye said...

vivian, yes 還得繼續割愛!


>if i need to buy 1 pair, i have to eliminate 1 from my 10 pairs

hmm... good way to keep things simple and less.

( ' u ' )