...and our mother earth has been enduring it quietly

Some sad articles about what we have done to mother earth:

"The ocean is now an endless trail of trash floating in the middle of the Pacific: water bottles, plastic crates, disposable diapers, bath toys, cigarette lighters, tampon applicators (styrofoam, too); a veritable buffet of convenience culture.”

"The discovery in 2002 was a wake-up call for marine scientists, who realised that plastic bags and other waste were one of the biggest threats to the whales, dolphins and turtles swimming around our shores. The minke was found on the Normandy coast. At first, it was assumed she had died of natural causes. When her stomach was cut open, scientists were amazed to find nearly two pounds of plastic bags, eaten by mistake as she searched for food. The 2lb haul included two plastic bags from English supermarkets, seven transparent plastic bags, and fragments from seven dustbin bags. In an ironic twist, one of the bags found in the gut of the dead whale appears to read: "We support good farm animal welfare." Most worrying of all, there was no proper food in her stomach. "

And...plastic garbage found in dead whale's stomach too...

And we have Great Pacific Garbage Patch (or Pacific Trash Vortex), which is is a gyre of marine litter formed by pelagic plastics, chemical sludge etc, in the central North Pacific Ocean. And a recent research sponsored by the National Science Foundation suggests the affected area may be twice the size of Texas!!!

Gosh! Since I had such awareness, I've started trying my best not to take any plastic carrier while making any purchase but I realised it's hard to avoid consuming plastic in our daily life. even i use my eco shopping bag for supermarket shopping, fruits like strawberries, kiwi, or vege are all packed in plastic. many items at our home are made of plastic.

A plastic bag that we use only for a short while takes 400 years to be dissolves. I really can't foresee how much longer our mother earth can take in such shit anymore...

Oh well... let's try not to take plastic bag when we make any purchase. I guess that's the least we can do for our mother earth. Plastic is suffocating!


kuanth said...

from now on.
1. Plastic bag
2. disposable utensil
3. Bring your own da-bao boxes

let's do it.

Priscilla Wong said...

yah, i agree. even my grocery tote bag still not enough, i want to bring my own da bao cup when i buy tea from kopitium from now cos i usually don't da bao meals, eat at the place.

sokkuan tye said...

let's do it! (' u ' )