sling's back in singapore.

sling has surprised me with her short come back in singapore over the may day long weekend. she is now working as a film director in kuala lumpur. we met up and spent our time together just like those good old days when she was still living and working in singapore. maybe she is too relax with me, she looked sleepy most of the time. the above picture is the only picture i could take of her smiling with "pretented-excitement". it may look like a very mild excited expression on her face, but that's actually her max already.

this is the best picture she could "easily" take of me using her iphone. muahahaha... actually, there are many other ugly pictures we took of each other but it's not very good to post any of them here.

oh my, after all these years, we still behave like we were very young.
( ' u ' )

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