noody's away (from home) day.

natural born olympic swimmer.

the owner who's totally toasted/burnt since his recent obsession of basking himself under the sun and his first time wearing a sleeveless out after one decade.

the talented chef in the middle, the beautiful muse on the left and myself on the right.

i only dare to have a brief bonding moment with noody after he has calmed down from his over-excitement. while the beautiful muse having his own moment next to us.

noody knows the best of how to "live the moment". now, all that matters to him is the volley ball bouncing in the air.

i tried to imagine that i have a dog like nooody.

i enjoyed the moments with the guys yesterday, although i donno for how long more we can share our time like this. i secretly hope that we can make it until we are really old.


ashley c said...

Noody is soo cuteee!!!! i like the photo you take on the noody's head overlooking at the volleyball area

iamwen said...


kuanth said...

you will be very happy if having a dog like Noody de. So simple so innocent so easy going so understanding, all the things i'm learning about, from him.

sokkuan tye said...

Ashley, yes he is cute and simple. i like that photo. too! haha... he was very focused becuase he likes ball, according to Kuan. :-)

Wen, 的確很歡樂!但也不是24小時都這樣。生活沒有時時刻刻都完美的。 :-)

Kuan, but he looks like Sin. muahahah!

sputnikm said...


And I luv the food that he cooks in his cafe.:)

ck said...


sokkuan tye said...

sputnikm, 是的。

ck, 嗯。

Priscilla Wong said...

nice pictures! east coast?

sokkuan tye said...

Pris, it was at tanjung beach, sentosa. :-)