a trip i couldn't have made it by myself - dunedin

my first fishing trip! though it was super cloudy and foggy, we still set off with worries about my grandma whether if she could take the rocky wave (yes! at the age of 78, she went on board with us) . Karitane Charter, the boat we hired. Captain Alan and his 21-year-old super good looking son was serving us.
seriously foggy! the clouds were really low.
it's summer yet so cold!
my cousin's first attempt of fishing failed. booooo it's only fresh seaweed. then...finally hooked! this species of fish looks very cool! but i forgot its name.
tahdahhh... the cute captain's young son! his sense of balancing is superb! standing on the edge of a rocky boat like that, he didn't even need to hold on to anything.
crazy sea gulls following us! they are beautiful yet very aggressive animal.
captain sokki in the house!
grandma found it warm in the fake fur blanket offered by the captain. she did a good job staying calm and cool! i was so impressed by her!


Priscilla Wong said...

wow, your ma ma very cool, no sea sick?

sokkuan tye said...

no she is not my ma ma, she is my grandma. haha... 78 y.o.

ah.kuen said...

captain sokki, how come you didn't publish my comment???