Fussen. walking into a dream world.

isn't this very "getty-image"?!

"getty-image" again!

now i know why they like it under the bridge.

feeling pressure from above yet serenity from below. i like this weird feeling.

cycling out under the bridge.

beautiful light show against the grass.

so peaceful~~~

millions millions millions of tiny mini flying insects in the air. guess i have gulped them in like a whale while i was cycling around.

this is my sis. she's a good poser. hehe...
more to come!


sputnikm said...

放慢的生活。You've done it. And doing great!!

& have just added u in FB:)

kasumi said...

I like your photos, all so nice feel :)

Kazumi said...

Nice photos!

sokkuan said...

sputnikm: oh?? are you ms. Mok? haha..
Vivi: thanks! ( ' u ' )

sokkuan said...

kazumi, arigatou! ( ' u ' )

sputnikm said...

... and we met in japan through choo a few years ago. paisei to mention... maybe u hve forgot :P

sokkuan said...

hey mok, oh i remember! ( ' u ' )
good to get to know you better!

Priscilla Wong said...

wow very nice pixs! did you enjoy yourself? :D

sokki said...

hey pris, yes i did! ( ' u ' )