i love hot spring but i felt like puking.

trying to pose like a hooker here. but what actually happened before taking this photo was, after dipping myself into 3 different hot spring within 20mins, i had to dash out to look for toilet to puke. but nothing came out of my throat. i think i should do a full body check up soon.


karen said...

hope you are feeling okay..
erm..btw for hooker look..please reference my facebook..lol

karen said...
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sokkuan said...

but yours is mamasan look. :-s

sputnikm said...

that a lovely kimono- looks like waves-like kimikaze!!
did u rent it from somewhere?

Hot spring cleanse the body system. Luv to try it but never dare to do it... :)

Anonymous said...

take care !
Maybe, too much hot springs in a short time.
Body can't take it.

sokkuan said...

hey sputnikm & vivi,

ya i guess it was still a bit rush. this year onwards i will try to lead a healthier lifestyle! health is really priceless!