the making of my 2000 karat diamond.

first, form the shape with cardboard...

friends here to help me to tape the cardboards together. see? they are enjoying it so much! hehe...

the biggest diamond on planet coming into shape.

making something with diamonds. :-p

cutting out the world's largest doiley paper. my index finger almost became crooked.

inserted reflective acrylic within. it looks magical!

friends helping to seal up the diamond.

this is how it's set up at ION (In an ABSOLUT World, doing things differently leads to something exceptional).

arghhh!!!! not enough light going through! fiasco!!!

have to insert light into the diamond. hai... not perfect anymore. and the word is too camouflage...fiasco! fiasco! oh well, i have tried my very best.
my special thanks to CK, Iris, Kuan, Layhua, Sin and Tian!

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